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Cedar City Utah

Cedar City Population - 22,000 +/-

Cedar City, is about 500 miles from Los Angeles, California, 180 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada, and 260 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah and about midway between Los Angeles, California and Denver, Colorado, via Interstate 70, (I-70) Corridor.

Its location and size have made it a regional trade center and supplier of services. National Parks, the Bureau of Land Management - (BLM), Dixie National Forest, and the Utah Wildlife Resources have regional offices in or near Cedar City.

This year Cedar City opened a new Hospital built by Intermountain Health Care called Valley View Medical Center.
Also, Cedar City is building a convention center in downtown and as part of the Heritage Center.

A railroad spur, regional airport with local and long distance flights, and the freeway serve the Cedar City.

A four-year Liberal Arts College, Southern Utah State College, and the Shakespearean Festival during the summer make Cedar City an attractive stop for than one million tourists each year.

Cedar City is within a group of low mountains where millions of tons of Iron Ore are found.
West of Cedar City is the Escalante Valley , once known as the Escalante Desert.

The Escalante Valley has become a productive agricultural region through the use of underground water supplies. Also, located here are geothermal pools of water and natural hot springs.
The west end of Iron County also has some historic as well as current precious metal mining including GOLD MINING near Hamblin Valley, north of Modena, Utah.

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